Monday, December 2, 2013

We have Christmas Trees & great deals for your holiday shopping!

We have a huge selection of fresh Oregon-grown Classic Noble Firs, in a wide range of sizes. Wreaths too!

Come to our Christmas tree lot at the NW corner of 12th St and Indian School (see map), just north of our regular store parking and pick out a lovely, fresh tree for your home. Look for the signs and the giant Santa!

Prices range from $20 to $75, depending upon size.

Don't just shop for trees! We are a holiday shopping destination, known for having a wide selection of items for everyone on your shopping list!

We offer the convenience of shopping online at, or in our store and our prices cannot be beat.

Whether your are looking for a magnificent piece of jewelry for that someone special in your life, the perfect firearm for the sportsman, or a new game system for the kids, Mo Money has you covered!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Black Friday at Mo Money Pawn Shop is THE Place to Shop & Save Money!

Every year our Black Friday sale event tops the year before! Do not miss it this year or you'll miss out on amazing deals store wide.

We're discounting every department 20-70% off!

That means jaw-dropping prices on gold, silver, diamonds, watches, firearms, TVs, stereos, iPads, tablet computers, power tools, sporting equipment, music equipment, and MORE!

We'll be opening early, at 6am. Shop early for the best selection!

****FREE Christmas tree with any purchase $250 or more!****

 ****Christmas Trees Available on Site!****

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Have You Seen What's New at Mo Money Pawn Shop?

Of course our inventory changes frequently, but our store changes too! Have you seen what's new at Mo Money Pawn Shop?

We have a new sign, and a great new deal! All loans under $100.00 are currently INTEREST FREE! This is a great opportunity to take advantage of this limited-time offer!

We also have a new mural! The wall that edges our recently resurfaced parking lot is now emblazoned with classic icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali Ali, James Dean, and more!

Inside, you'll find our jewelry section was recently rearranged & expanded;

We have wall-to-wall firearms in a plethora of makes, models, sizes, & calibers from all eras;

Including a newly reorganized selection of shooting accessories;

Even our website has a new look! It's easier to browse, with a new layout, larger product views, and a more accessible design:

If you haven't seen us recently, visit us and see what's new!

And if you have, thank you! As always we appreciate your business and your support.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day from Mo Money Pawn!

This Sunday, June 16th, we celebrate Father's Day! A day to show our gratitude, love, and appreciation for the man known as "dad".

Fatherhood can be tough, and while some men choose it, others may find themselves thrust into its responsibilities. What matters is not the circumstances by which it occurs, but the actions of the men who accept the challenges of Fatherhood day after day, and year after year.

We honor and celebrate these fathers, dads, papas, & padres. By any name he is the man who endures, and is thus rewarded by the tribulations and the triumphs. 

Mo Money Pawn says, "thank you" to all the dads, and for all that they do!

Bicycles and power tools.
And what does dad like? We have tons of items for fathers of all interests. Check out our Blu-ray players, TVs, stereo systems, GPS devices, digital cameras, power tools, new & used guns, gold & silver jewelry, pool cues, bicycles, and more! 

Digital cameras and gadgets.

Blu-Ray & DVD players.

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Great prices can be found on the perfect gift for your dad! 

Shop online and pick it up at our store:

Or just come on down and visit us at 1152 E Indian School Rd in Phoenix [see map]. 

We're open 10-7p today and all weekend long!

Happy Father's Day from Mo Money Pawn!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day Specials for the Special Women We Call "Mom".

“Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, 
Or kiss the place to make it well? My mother”
- Ann Taylor

Mother, mommy, madre, mama. The name of love, support, and compassion on the lips of young children and grown children alike. Mom. 

On Mother's Day we honor the women who birth the world, bringing life to love and love to life. We chose this day to show our appreciation of what they do every day, with their work, their efforts, and their devotion to their children and families. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of the special women we call moms!

Mothers are precious, and Mo Money Pawn Shop is offering great deals on precious metals and stones for Mother's Day. 

  • All gold without diamonds sold by weight at the market value of the day!
  • All jewelry with diamonds 40% off!
  • Diamond cluster rings 50% off!
  • All used silver 50% off!
  • All new silver 30% off!
  • Free gemstones and pearls!

And as always, free layaway is available on all items!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cash for your guns and how we appraise your item

We have had literally hundreds of people whom submit their items for appraisal through our online submission form and one of the most asked question we receive is, "why is it so low?"

Lets be honest, the appraisal most of our customers receive is a bit... anti-climatic. With the radio, television, friends, co-workers, and family all talking about firearms, you would think that anyone with a couple guns in the closet is sitting on a gold mine. Truth is, the gun market is extremely competitive and heavily regulated which makes selling used firearms a delicate task.

Here are some reasons why your firearm may not be worth what everyone says its worth.

1. The media

When you hear about gun shops being empty, the Government attempting to pass legislation (click here to read about the dropped assault weapons bill), and waiting lists for certain firearms, you begin to think back to high school economics; supply and demand. Truth is, we at Mo-Money Pawn Shop have literally thousands of firearms in stock, even in "this market". Firearm shortages of certain makes and models are true, but the market always stabilizes itself within a short amount of time.

2. Gun buyers are smart buyers 

Its no secret we are going to re-sell your firearm (to someone who can pass a federal background check I might add) and the people we sell firearms to, are extremely well-informed buyers. This means that we cannot simply give you $2000 dollars for an AR-15 based on price gougers on internet forums because there are plenty of people and dealers whom are selling brand-new ones for half the price. Gun buyers know what guns are worth and are very well-informed of the competition. In order for us to sell at competitive prices, we must offer a fair price for the purchase of your item, based on the market value as a dealer.

3. Fees Fees Fees

Many people do not factor in the taxes and fees associated with doing business as a gun shop. We must factor in these heavy fees when giving you an appraisal to buy. We are taxed heavily by both local and Federal governments in order to comply with policies and laws. We at Mo-Money Pawn Shop NEVER cut corners when it comes to laws in doing business with firearms.

4. Almost like new is not new

Many people whom bring in their firearms to sell claim their firearms are "new" or "like new". Firearms are much like a new car. Their value diminishes significantly once you drive them off the lot. In addition, many firearms come with factory warranties that can only be claimed by the original buyer. Once the firearm is sold, the warranty is no longer valid. And once again, gun buyers are smart buyers. When a gun buyer is inspecting an item, they know if the item has been fired. 10 rounds is no different than 500 rounds or 1000, the item is used and the new buyer knows it has been used.

5. Our offer is instant cash

The appraisal we give to people is a no haggling and hassle free offer for instant cash in your pocket. No posting on backpage, dealing with private buyers, or the fear that your sale will come back to haunt you.

Our pledge to our customer is to always offer the fairest price possible for the purchase of your items. We want to do business the right way and as worry and hassle free to the customer as possible.

We hope that this sheds a little more light as to our appraisal process. Don't let ridiculous reality TV shows, the media, or uninformed individuals put a bad taste in your mouth when it comes to dealing with Pawn Shops. Mo-Money Pawn Shop has been in business for over 25 years and serving the local community with fair prices for both the buying and selling of goods.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Get Top-Dollar for your Firearms and Accessories

There is no illusion that firearms are top headlines these days. The media, the water-cooler, and the social circles we all subscribe to are all buzzing about firearms and the firearm industry. Politics aside, this means that people whom are in need of quick cash who own firearms can get some serious green in their pockets. Honestly, if you arent looking to hold onto your guns, now is just about the best time to sell them. 

We here at Mo-Money Pawn Shop have attempted to make this as easy as possible for people who would like instant cash in exchange for firearms, magazines, scopes, add-ons, and ammo. 

  1. You can bring your firearms into our physical location. We are located at 1152 East Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona. We will evaluate your items and give you an offer to buy on the spot. You sign a few pieces of paperwork and get cash in your hand within a few minutes. 
  2. We have set-up an online form that you can fill out and submit and allow us to appraise your item. Once you get our offer you can decide to bring it down or not. Its free, secure, and absolutely no obligation. 
There are tons of benefits to bringing your items into the shop VS trying to sell it yourself.

  • No haggling or dealing with private buyers. We all know that private buyers are a pain in the rear. They flake and have incredible unrealistic expectations. 
  • No need to put yourself in an unsafe situation. Gun transactions in parking lots is usually not a comfortable setting. 
  • We only re-sell our firearms to those who pass federal background checks and show all forms of proper ID. Peace of mind like that is priceless. 
  • Our offers are instant cash offers. You have full power to accept our offer or to try and sell it yourself. Not-to-mention if you get an offer from us, its valid for one week. Try to sell it for more and if you can't, our offer still stands!
  • You can always trade! We have thousands of firearms in stock all the time. Trade in an old one for something you have always wanted. Our prices are some of the best in town. 
All-in-all we truly want to earn your business. We believe the best way to do so is to make it easy for you and to offer a fair amount for your item(s). Click on the tab above and fill out the form to see for yourself. You might be surprised how much a shop will offer you!